French river restaurant

How Should You Pick a French River Restaurant?

How should you pick a restaurant? Will the situation influence your decision? Or does food play a significant role? Don’t you think the location, ambiance, and service matter as well?  We select a restaurant for a variety of reasons, whether or not we are aware of them. Which Restaurant Should You Pick?  When you give […]

What are some winter activities that you can do nearby resorts in the French river?

Layers, down jackets, insulated and water-resistant boots, thick hats, gloves, and mittens, as well as snowmobile suits, may easily keep the cold at bay while you take in the beauty of lakes, fields, mountains, and trees blanketed in snow. Continue reading to learn the second secret and loads other tips for maximising a Canadian winter!  […]
Winter Activities in Ontario

What are great winter activities in Ontario?

Are you looking for suggestions for winter activities in Ontario? It’s not just you! Even though it gets colder in Ontario throughout the winter, there is never a shortage of things to do, see, and visit.  Finding things to do in Ontario during the winter may be quite difficult because there are so many fantastic […]
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Why Is It Important To Take A Break And Visit The French River ?

A short trip or vacation might be a way to get away from your normal routine or it can be a restful break that will enable you to deal with your personal issues. Everything is up to you and what you hope to gain from the journey. Luxury cottage resorts in Ontario are one of […]
French River Fishing Lodges This

Why Should You Visit French River Fishing Lodges This Winter?

French River is a great place to stop for a night or two if you are travelling on the Trans-Canada Highway. It’s an easy drive from Sudbury, Ontario and is located in the heart of the vast Canadian wilderness. It’s a perfect spot to get out of your car, breathe fresh air, and enjoy nature […]