What are great winter activities in Ontario?

Winter Activities in Ontario

Are you looking for suggestions for winter activities in Ontario? It’s not just you! Even though it gets colder in Ontario throughout the winter, there is never a shortage of things to do, see, and visit. 

Finding things to do in Ontario during the winter may be quite difficult because there are so many fantastic possibilities, from short day hikes and spa visits to multi-day heated winter cabin rentals. We have a very decent notion of the best spots to visit such as French river accommodations in Ontario in the winter because we grew up in the province.

Our guide lists many things to do in Ontario in the winter, from top winter attractions and events to traditional outdoor winter sports.

Go on a Winter Hike/Snowshoe

winter activities in Ontario
  • With snowshoeing, you may traverse both ploughed trails and heavy snow in the backcountry. With metal grips underneath your feet, you can even navigate more slick winter hillsides and trails. 
  • Snowshoes are less expensive than other types of winter clothing, although very good ones can cost quite a bit. 
  • If you anticipate using your snowshoes frequently, investing in a decent pair could be wise for exploring the nearby trails all winter long.

Attend an Ontario Winter Festival or Fair

Attend an Ontario Winter Festival or Fair
  • Attending a local festival or fair with a winter theme can be a good idea if you’re looking for something to do during winter.
  • There are many winter events in French river accommodations in Ontario to check out across the province because Ontario (and Canada overall) is a place that celebrates the cold! 
  • There is a winter event in Ontario that will work for you and your hobbies, with themes including ice wine, agriculture, food/drinks, and even arts and crafts!

Go Skiing at an Ontario Ski Hill/Resort

Go Skiing at an Ontario Ski Hill/Resort
  • Despite not having the tallest mountains, Ontario has a number of fantastic ski hills and/or resorts that you should check out. 
  • There is a ski slope in French river accommodations in Ontario is for everyone, whether you are a beginner wanting to rent skis and enroll in a course or an experienced skier looking for a challenge and après ski. 
  • The distinctive terrain of Ontario causes ski hills to often be relatively grouped together.

Experience Winter Camping

Experience Winter Camping
  • Did you know that camping is a fairly popular activity year-round in Ontario, not only during the summer months? One of the coolest experiences you can have is winter camping in Ontario. 
  • Many people find that winter camping is the ideal way to experience the great outdoors in the winter while also enjoying some fresh air and preserving some creature comforts for your safety and comfort. 
  • Winter camping is available at a few private campgrounds throughout the province, however the offerings change every year.

Stay at an Ontario Resort

Stay at an Ontario Resort
  • You could always think about arranging a stay at an Ontario resort if you didn’t want to organise a whole winter weekend trip in Ontario on your own. 
  • There are many waterfront cottage rentals in Ontario that focus on providing their visitors with winter accommodations and activities. 
  • These resorts offer excellent lodging in a variety of wintery settings, and some even offer outdoor activities appropriate for the time of year.

These kinds of waterfront cottage rentals in Ontario resorts provide activities like cross-country skiing, skating, snowshoeing, as well as just relaxing by an outdoor campfire.

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